DIY Kitchen Renovation Macleod

DIY Kitchen Renovation Macleod

Does your home desperately need a new kitchen and laundry update?

When you purchase a new home, it is often the kitchen that is crying out for attention. It is also the space that we spend most of our time in, so it can be a challenge to ignore and ‘make do’.

Our customers recently purchased an older style home in Macleod, a popular suburb for young families only 14kms from the CBD. Close proximity to schools, walking and bike paths, along with an increasing number of cafes and restaurants. With two young boys in tow, and school on the horizon, it is the perfect location.

It was immediately obvious that the kitchen and laundry area would need an overhaul.

With the current set up, they had the fridge wedged into the living space, and the workflow was awkward and cumbersome. The couple knew that a DIY kitchen renovation would be the best option. They were prepared to get their hands dirty, as saving money for future schooling was their priority.

Work with a kitchen designer to understand your needs.

After shopping around our Macleod couple decided that Kitchen Shack had the most affordable and easiest diy kitchen for their needs.

The couple worked with Kitchen Shack designer, Mary, from the Preston showroom and found the experience to be super easy and stress free. This is something every busy, sleep deprived parent dreams of… if they’re asleep for long enough!

Mary understood the needs of the young family, and how important it was to create a space that flowed well.  Practical storage solutions were a must and a bench where the children could sit and interact with the adults.

How do you solve kitchen problems with great design solutions?

Not deterred by the small space they were working with, the couple worked with Mary to come up with great design solutions.

As there was a laundry leading off the kitchen, which was also getting a makeover, they opted to put the fridge in that space. Cleverly hidden behind a sliding barn door, the fridge is no longer a focal point of the living room, but is closer to the working areas.

The feature door is also a great way to hide the laundry mess when guests pop over or when you just can’t face that growing mountain of dirty washing! Out of sight out of mind – perfect.

They were also able to add a tall pantry close to the fridge and work area, with a bottom cupboard that children can reach, full of healthy snacks only!

Storage was another priority, so the old, awkward cupboards were replaced with practical drawers for utensils, dinnerware, and larger pots.  The kitchen is now a far more functional space for a busy family.

Classic ‘white on white’ design with aspects to the garden.

Our customers love the ‘white on white’ look, which is great option for small kitchens to help create a feeling of space. It also allows the greenery of the outdoors to feel more prominent, against a simple backdrop.

They chose our classic Shaker white cabinetry for the kitchen and laundry, to keep the spaces connected and consistent.

Black fixtures, like the Kitchen Shack knobs tie in well with the barn door railing and Westinghouse appliances. The look is completed with the beautiful YDL Stone benches in Rosemee, especially the impressive island bench that has become the new focus of the home.

Island bench for feeding a young family.

It’s often a feature that gets the most attention, and rightly so…it has proven to be the hub of most family homes.

Whether it’s for feeding young children, entertaining friends, planning holidays, or creating ‘dress-up day’ costumes in the late hours – we’ve all been there! The island bench is high on the wish list.

For our Macleod family it is a definite highlight of their kitchen renovation, as it has transformed the ease of living and meal preparation.  The adults can now go about tasks in the kitchen and laundry, whilst the kids are sitting up at the bench, eating dinner, drawing, or simply chatting about their day.

Sticking to your DIY Kitchen renovation budget.

It was imperative that the great design, not only ticked all the boxes on the wish list but stuck to the strict budget.

This is most often the biggest challenge, yet with clever design solutions and less time wasted on lengthy installations and multiple trades, it can be achieved.

Kitchen Shack designers understand how important budget is, and they are well equipped to advise DIY’ers on how to achieve this.

Our Macleod customers have achieved everything they set out to achieve, such as:

✏️Budget friendly
✏️Classic all-white design
✏️Functionality and workflow
✏️Child friendly spaces.
✏️Preference for assembled cabinets rather than stress of flatpack options.
✏️Personalised service from initial consult to final install.

If you want to create a winning diy kitchen renovation like this one book a free in-store design or contact us to get started.


Location: Macleod, Victoria

Kitchen Design: Kitchen Shack Preston

Reason for Renovating: Kitchen Renovation to increase flow and storage to suit growing family needs.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Older home with small spaces, tight fridge cavity so modern fridge did not fit.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: Modern Shaker style with increased flow and storage. Full size pantry now suited for a family to enjoy. Fridge hidden in laundry next to kitchen to maximise storage.

Cabinets Kitchen: Shaker cabinetry in white satin.