DIY Kitchen Design Tips for 2018

DIY Kitchen Design Tips for 2018

2017 was an exciting year in kitchen design. Contemporary style was all about a modern finish softened by unique personalisation – a great benchtop, designer splash back or unique accessories. In 2018, our design team expects most of these trends to evolve further. Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your new DIY kitchen to get a budget kitchen that’s high on style.

The dark, moody kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, black is the new white. While white is a perennial favourite, the dark kitchen is trending. Like white, dark kitchens are neutral and easy to accessories and lend themselves to layering of colours. Contrast it with a white benchtop and splash back and you have a ‘tuxedo’ kitchen or accentuate it with timber and you get a very sophisticated outcome.

With a dark kitchen, it’s important to give it the right setting and that’s plenty of natural light. So, open the space to allow natural light in, or if possible add in some skylights. Accessorise with contrasting furniture or floorboards and the result will be absolutely stunning.

Out with the triangle, in with zones

The triangle has been the foundation of kitchen design for generations. The refrigerator, cooktop and sink – the three most visited areas while cooking –  are laid out in a triangle for efficiency. But in 2018, our designers predict the focus will shift to getting zoning right. The triangle will still anchor the design, but there will also be creative variations. Does more than one person use the kitchen? You may need more island space around the sink and cooktop. Would you like a non-cooking zone? This can be used by the kids for homework or for you to work on that report while you keep an eye on the dinner.


At Kitchen Shack we provide you with a drawing sheet to draft your design on. Work through a few options till you arrive at something that really works for your needs. Think of your lifestyle and how you’d use the kitchen in practice. Large islands, if you have the space, are brilliant multipurpose areas – to entertain, as a breakfast bar and as general perching space.

Opt for tiled splashbacks

Our previous post talked about using tiled splashback as a saving tip. But they are also trendy and a perfect way to create a unique kitchen. This is what some of our customers have recently done in their DIY, flat pack kitchen.


Don’t let accessories be an afterthought

2018 could well be the year of kitchen accessories. From the humble doorknob to the tapware, customers are spoilt for choice. Accessories are a great way to convey your style. Scandinavian light fittings, traditional brass door-knobs and sleek under-mounted sinks – they are all details that can make a kitchen look really beautiful.


There are a few other things that will dominate in 2018 – innovate storage solutions will take kitchen organisation to a whole new level, we will see more smart technology integrated into appliances and kitchens with personality will replace neutral kitchens as a trend. And as The Block reminds us every year – the amateur kitchen designer can show the professional a thing or two. So, don’t hold back – design your dream kitchen in 2018. Check out our DIY Kitchen renovation guide.