Design Problems That Flatpack Kitchens Can Solve

Design Problems That Flatpack Kitchens Can Solve

Transforming a slightly dysfunctional or simply a tired looking kitchen can give your whole home a new lease of life. While bedrooms and outdoor areas are important, the common, shared areas where most of the “living” occurs tend to centre around the kitchen in some way.


As an added benefit, a new kitchen also gives a home a boost in value, and can be a good place to start any long-term renovation project, since you can be assured that no matter what, your kitchen will get used every day! Fully assembled flatpack kitchens can give your kitchen renovation a boost in terms of saving time taken to finish it, as well as other perks. So what are the other design advantages to flatpack kitchens?


Made to Fit


Only 20 years ago, flatpack kitchens had earned the reputation of only being one standard, boring size. The thinking went that if you wanted anything customised, then you would have to choose a fully made-to-measure kitchen. That’s just not true any more. At Kitchen Shack, all our widths and heights of cabinetry can suit any kitchen space perfectly. 

Flatpack kitchens can be designed to suit any kitchen space in ways, that few of us could have predicted. The variety of shapes, sizes, and fittings are partly a flow-on effect of the new types of housing that have become more popular in Australia in recent years, from duplex townhouses to apartments that are pressed for space. In the past, the standard four-bedroom, two-bathroom home was the standard model, and all kitchens were made to fit them. These days, our homes are a lot more diverse, and so are flatpack kitchens.


Corner Cupboards


One of the tricky areas to get right in a kitchen is the position and spacing for corner cupboards. Flatpack kitchens make this step a lot easier by having the “modules” ready to go. All you need to do is figure out where the tight spots are likely to be, then measure them up. You then can visit a kitchen showroom (like one of our three in Melbourne) and provide staff with the measurements.

They can then take you through the options, and how different alignments and types of cupboards can fit your space. Some doors may be less suited to a tight space, so flatpack kitchens can be adapted to ensure you get the most out of your difficult spaces.




The modular design of flatpack kitchens is a welcome benefit. Modular just means being able to pick the right modules to suit the space and layout of your kitchen while ensuring you have a consistent and coherent look for the entire kitchen – unlike lego blocks that are different colours and shapes. 

The benefit of designing a kitchen in this way is that you can pick the modules that best suit the space in your kitchen while being able to mix and match different components to make a complete kitchen. 


The fact that the blocks are modular means that you are not restricted, and have a huge range of choices at your disposal – this allows you to add components like spice cabinets, drawers, cabinets with doors and pantries to make up an entire kitchen based on your storage needs.


For professional, friendly advice about the design tips, you can benefit from when choosing the elements of your flatpack kitchen, come visit one of our showrooms in Preston, Moorabbin, Maribyrnong and Kilsyth and find out what you need to know to get started!