Creating Functional Kitchen, Laundry & Study Nooks

Creating Functional Kitchen, Laundry & Study Nooks

Despite what our name suggests, here at Kitchen Shack, we do a lot more than just designing and supplying beautiful kitchens. Our wide range of products can also bring structure and style to almost any area of your home. Here we look at some of the other spaces we regularly work on and share our tips for maximising their functionality.


Liven up your laundry

Other than kitchens, laundries are the main space our clients are most frequently looking to renovate. While many just want to update the style of their laundry, some also want to address important functional issues. Most significantly, they usually want to increase the amount of storage space and usable bench space.

With this in mind, when designing a laundry, we recommend you:

  • Include at least one tall cupboard, in addition to the standard under-bench cabinetry. This will give you space to store brooms, mops, and other cleaning equipment.
  • Consider whether you want to stack your appliances or place them side-by-side under the bench. Stacking allows for more under-bench storage, whereas having them side-by-side should create more bench space.
  • If your laundry is long and narrow, keeping all your cabinetry along one wall usually works best. If it’s a squarer space, having cabinetry along two opposite walls will generally work better.


Set up the perfect study nook

Over the last couple of years, having a dedicated home workspace has become a big priority for many people. This has increased the number of our clients who are looking to work a study nook into their renovation plans. These spaces are usually located near, or within, the kitchen area, so they often share the same styling and finishes.

When planning a study nook, we suggest you:

  • Choose similar storage solutions to those you’re using in your kitchen (e.g. the same drawers, etc.). This will help tie the two spaces together and make the design feel more resolved.
  • Carefully consider which finishes to carry through to your study nook – a stone desktop may look great but is unnecessarily expensive. Laminate is a more practical choice and can be matched to your open shelving or feature cabinetry.
  • Remember that your ideal bench height and ideal desk height will most likely be different. As such, depending on your design, you may need a lower or higher chair.


Create consistency in your cabinetry

While open-plan kitchens are usually quite functional for families, they can be difficult to design. Given the connection between the spaces, the styling of the different areas needs to be consistent, or at least complimentary. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to use the same finishes throughout the whole area.

For example, some clients choose to use the same type of cabinetry in both their kitchen and living area. This creates continuity between the two spaces and provides great storage for the kids’ toys, extra blankets, etc. To further tie the design together, some clients also choose to use the same benchtops on their living area cabinetry.


Want more information?

If your renovation plans extend beyond the kitchen and you want to maximise the functionality of your whole design, call Kitchen Shack. Our experienced design team knows how to get the most out of a floor plan and are always happy to offer advice.


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