Choosing the Best Layout for your Kitchen

Choosing the Best Layout for your Kitchen

As kitchen design specialists, we’re often asked for advice on the ideal kitchen layout. While most people appreciate the importance of getting their layout right, others aren’t sure where to start. And, given the range of options available, it’s easy to understand why.

Here we look at your main choices when it comes to kitchen designs. We explore each of the standard kitchen layouts and where they work best. We also go over what you need to consider when planning the design of your kitchen.

Your kitchen layout options

While the variations are almost endless, kitchen layouts can be distilled down to five main designs. These are:

  • One wall: As the name suggests, this layout has all cabinetry positioned along one wall. This design uses space efficiently, so it is best suited to smaller, open plan spaces (e.g. apartments).
  • Galley style: This layout has two rows of cabinetry facing each other. Also called a ‘walkthrough kitchen’, this design suits narrow, enclosed spaces.
  • L-shaped: This layout has cabinetry along two walls, joining in one corner. As the ‘legs’ of the L can be any length, this design suits open plan spaces of all sizes.
  • U-shaped: This layout has cabinetry along three adjoining walls. Also called a ‘horseshoe kitchen’, this design can be scaled to fit tight, enclosed spaces or wider, open plan spaces.
  • G-shaped / also known as Peninsula: Like an L-shaped kitchen with an island, this layout has cabinetry along two or three walls, but insead of the island standing free, the end is attached to a wall. It efficiently provides extra bench space, so this design best suits smaller spaces

Each of these basic designs can be further built on with the addition of an island bench. This is a large work surface, usually in the middle of the kitchen, that can increase the usability of the space. It’s an extremely popular option in Australia, particularly in open plan living spaces and for people who like to entertain.

Choosing the right kitchen design

As each of the standard kitchen layouts has its strengths and weaknesses, there’s no single ‘best’ option. Different designs will work better in different spaces, and the right one for you will depend on a number of factors. With this in mind, when planning your kitchen layout, you should consider:

  • The size of the property: Your kitchen layout should match the scale of your home. For example, a generous U-shaped kitchen with an island bench would best fit a large family home.
  • How you will use the space: Your kitchen layout should suit the way you and your family live. For example, if you want your kitchen to be a social space, an open plan design is best.
  • Your budget: Your kitchen layout will have a major impact on the cost of your renovation. For example, the more cabinetry you include, the more expensive your kitchen will be.
  • Storage needs: always keeping storage in mind….

Need help picking the perfect kitchen layout?

If you’re unsure about which of the standard kitchen layouts will best suit your space, give Kitchen Shack a call. Seeking professional help will achieve the best layout for you and your home. We are experts in developing beautiful, functional kitchen designs that are designed to fit any home, lifestyle and budget. You can also book a free in-store design to discuss your plans and requirements further.