Budget Kitchens from Kitchen Shack: How we do it

Budget Kitchens from Kitchen Shack: How we do it

Our lowest prices guaranteed* can sometimes raise eyebrows among new customers. How are we able to produce quality kitchens while keeping our prices down to such low levels? It is scarcely believable.

Kitchen Shack has carved out a niche in the budget kitchen market through our innovative practices, large-scale purchasing power, and by making use of the industrious nature and do-it-yourself Melbournian. Our flatpack processes ensure that you don’t waste unnecessary time screwing every component together.  This not only saves time but also lots of $s with our fully-assembled kitchens. With the huge demand for kitchens our buying power ensures we can purchase in bulk, ensuring the lowest possible price from our distributors. But most importantly, we allow those of you who want to take care of installation, thereby decreasing the costs yourself.

Of course we also stand by our service.  We offer you help, in the form of free and friendly advice and of course a free in-store design. We include a free installation video that can point you in the right direction step by step. Opportunities abound for all of you DIY experts, or wannabe-DIY experts: you have the chance to do the proper measuring, plastering, tiling, and cabinet assembly. You will be left not only with a beautiful and newly-renovated kitchen – you will also have the added satisfaction of knowing that your own two hands played an integral role in creating your new cooking space.

Of course, if that isn’t your thing, we can recommend some high-quality installers and trades to help you out. Regardless, you can rest assured that your kitchen comes complete with material and designs of the highest quality. Our prices are the result of doing things better than our competitors.

Contact us and book a free in-store today to get your budget kitchen begun!