How to save money on a budget kitchen renovation

How to save money on a budget kitchen renovation

Everyone wants to save money on a budget kitchen renovation. It’s not only important to look for good quality, budget kitchens but also get the design right. We know a budget kitchen can cost anywhere from $5,000 to high end $25,000. There are budget ways to make a huge difference in your home without spending too much money. This applies to both small and large kitchen spaces. Remember to visit a store in person to look and feel the finishes and for that professional design.
Here’s some tips to help you get the most from your budget kitchen renovation.

 1. Measure, measure, measure

This is key, careful measurements are the important part to a successful properly fitted kitchen. This being said it is easy if the space is empty a little more challenging if there is an existing kitchen. When measuring remember to include the skirting boards, window space and any other key feature that will be important in the design. Measuring mistakes can lead to budget blowouts, for full details on measuring download design guide here.

Also measure all existing appliances including your fridge width and depth. So many customers search for their appliances first then design their kitchen around the space. It is easy to design a kitchen around your appliance needs. For example, if you have a large family and do lots of cooking then you may want to go for a wide oven.  This can then be factored into the design. Also consider buying appliances at the same place you purchase a kitchen to save extra delivery fees, time and hassle.

2. Design a kitchen that works to your needs

What works for you may not work for another home.  Take time and a good hard look at your existing space to make decisions on what works well and what doesn’t. This will guide you on a new efficient design. Ask questions like: Would it be easier for the family with an island bench?  Do I need a lazy susan for my corner cupboard? Would a tall pantry cupboard work better for our family?  These and more should be evaluated and decided before your kitchen design.

In design, cabinets are mainly designed around appliances and the all important “kitchen working triangle”. An example may be dishwashers are generally placed near the sink.  Pot drawers designed near cook tops for ease of reaching. If you have certain appliances in mind these will be important to work around. Professional kitchen designers spend time with these details to ensure your kitchen will work to you and your family’s needs. The functionality will provide a better utilised space for years to come. You will then be able to customise your entire kitchen space to create the best functioning kitchen for your needs.

3. Don’t skimp on quality for your budget kitchen renovation

Saving money is important but not if you have to replace the kitchen again in a few years time! Good quality kitchen cabinets should be strong to hold all your kitchenware especially the heavy pots and pans. This is where the visit to showrooms is all important. Most budget kitchen buyers want to look and feel the interior of kitchen cupboards to check the solid particle board.  The quality needs to stand the test of time and most importantly peace for guarantee. The sizing of cabinets and spacing is another factor to consider but can be all handled in the 3D kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinets should provide not only organisation like internal drawer baskets, adjustable shelves but also soft close options so there are no slamming of doors. Consider options of interior lights for those glass cabinets that can add that extra special touch while not destroying your budget.
Another consideration is where the kitchens are manufactured. Although this may not seem important should you wish to make a small alteration down the track it is easy if all components are accessible in Melbourne. Who knows in the future you may want to add the same cabinets to your bathrooms. All these factors are important considerations.

4. Benchtops and splashback/tiling

One of the ways to blow out your budget is choosing the benchtops. A current trend is one type of benchtop for the main benches and then a stone product like Duropal for the island benches. If Duropal is out of the budget then a YDL benchtop is more affordable. Some kitchen customers prefer to spend more on their benchtops and less on accessories, it’s all about your needs. Once again this will all depend on what your needs can afford. A good way to view benchtop materials is a simple visit to the showroom.

The final decision is splashback or tiling. Splashbacks are very eye-catching and come in all designs and colours. Similarly, the range of tiling from the ever popular subway tiles to elaborate designer tiles is all about your budget.

5. Budget Kitchen Design

Once all the factors have been decided the ever important professional kitchen design is the next step. A 3D program is essential so you can view your new kitchen in real life scenario. When the dimensions including windows, door frames etc, the style of kitchen cabinetry, benchtops and appliances are all entered your kitchen will come to life!

This will allow you to view exactly what your new kitchen will look like. You will then be able to visualise and alter if this does not work for you and your family needs. For example, once you see the new designed space you may want to change components around because the entertainment area is not big enough or you need more kitchen workspace or more storage. The designer will then be able to work clearly with your needs to verify the best function for your space and to personalise your kitchen.

6. Installation – think carefully about hiring expert trades

Once the design has been finalised, the flat pack kitchen is delivered to your home. It can look daunting where to start and of course can be time consuming and frustrating installing yourself. This is where a good quality installer who knows what he is doing can work well. The importance of paying quality installers who know what they are doing is so important. No home is completely level and straight, however an experienced installer will be able to work to this to ensure a properly installed and fitted kitchen. The other trades of plumbers, electricians and splashback/tilers can never be underestimated either. Most kitchen companies can recommend a team of expert trades who can not only work quickly but efficiently to get your kitchen ready in no time to enjoy.

7. Consider using a Flat Pack Kitchen

This is another great way to saving big $s. Flat Pack kitchens are cheaper than custom made kitchens.  This does not mean you cannot design to your specifications.  Flat pack kitchens have endless choices, however you will need to do some legwork yourself.  Often a measurement of your kitchen space including your appliances is required and then the company can design to your needs.  This just means it saves you money.

Your budget kitchen renovation will be easier with fully assembled flat pack kitchen components to save you time and also money!