Benchtop and Splashback Ideas for Dark Kitchens

Benchtop and Splashback Ideas for Dark Kitchens

Are you looking for help on your benchtop or splashback?

Choosing the right colours for your kitchen can be a puzzle. While some pairings are a breeze like coffee and cake, others such as kitchen benchtops and splashbacks require more thought.

With the current trend leaning towards darker kitchens, it’s crucial to final colours that complement your dark kitchen. Despite concerns about less natural light, dark kitchens can make a bold statement. If you’re embracing the dark side, here are benchtop and splashback ideas to suit your space.

Start with the Basics

Select your benchtop first. It covers a large “surface” area and impacts your DIY renovation and kitchen renovation budget. Once happy with the benchtop, find a splashback that complements it. There are a wide range of options available.

Focus your attention

Choose to highlight either the benchtop or splashback as a “feature” element. They should complement each other, not compete. Maintain a monochromatic theme for a cohesive look.


Embrace a single colour tone for a sleek dark kitchen. Match dark cabinetry and benchtop with a slightly toned splashback. Play with textures, like if you’ve gone for dark kitchen cabinetry consider a lighter benchtop and a contrasting splashback.  

The key with a monochromatic look is to think about textures so you have some elements that are totally the same but contrast with the cabinetry.  Another popular choice is matte black cabinets, black benchtop with white veins through it and a splashback featuring dark grey and inky black herringbone tiles. 

Two-Toned Harmony

Of course, if you want to introduce a two-toned colour or material scheme to get some variety into the space, this can still be done in a complementary way. 

A laminate or concrete stone inspired benchtop contrasts nicely with a mosaic tile splashback with long, thin tiles to mimic a rock wall, for example. The mosaic splashback can use a range of colours within the same colour spectrum (shades of grey, for example) to give a strong two-toned effect.

Contrast Elegance

Creating a striking contrast with light grey or white benchtop or splashback against darker cabinetry can help open up a space. While pairing a bold colour like gold or copper with dark cabinets and benchtop can make the space more dramatic and and infuse vibrancy.

The contrast colour doesn’t mean a “block” of colour either. A splashback in a dark kitchen that is looking to add colour and contrast can do so by having a row of coloured tiles or glass, or a feature mosaic within a more conservatively coloured tile splashback.

Warmth in Wood

Pairing your cabinetry with warm timber tones can also provide a stunning look. A timber laminate benchtop that contrasts with dark cabinetry can make your kitchen feel warmer. This works well when paired with a lighter tile on the splashback.

What colour splashback with black benchtop?

Your kitchen is a hub of activity, so it’s essential to create a functional and stylish space. When it comes to design elements, the benchtops and splashback plays a crucial role.  Choosing colours to complement black benchtops depends on personal preference. If your personality is vibrant and you love a a bold statement use vibrant greens or a pop of colour. If you’re more on the neutral side then subdued hues like white or grey would be your vibe.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and the overall look you’re trying to achieve for your kitchen.

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