Beaumaris: A Stunning 70’s Kitchen Renovation

Beaumaris: A Stunning 70’s Kitchen Renovation

Some of us are made for challenges.

Our Beaumaris customers certainly found theirs in this original 70’s brick home.

Boasting plenty of retro charm and a fabulous layout, the young couple could see the potential, behind the peeling wallpaper and rotting pergola. With a clear vision of what this beachside home could become, they took on their DIY renovation challenge.

The ideal kitchen for DIY Renovators.

Recognising the importance of a kitchen in any home, this couple wisely allocated a portion of their budget to ensure the best results. After thorough research, they chose Kitchen Shack for several compelling reasons:

• Budget friendly options
• Exceptional design and quality
• Convenient assembled cabinetry
• Clear communication with a designated designer
• Timing for production & delivery.

Keeping the budget in check.

Embracing the distinctive style while bidding farewell to dated elements like mission brown tiles and beige linoleum, the couple collaborated closely with Kitchen Shack’s Moorabbin Designer. Together, they opted for a modern monochromatic design with elegant timber accents. To complement the home’s original architectural lines, they opted for a timeless and sleek look with handleless cabinetry. This look provides a more modern look and feel.

They achieved the perfect look with:

Platinum Inspire Black cabinetry
Excel Urban Oak overheads.
• Brass Tapware.

Creating ease with functionality.

Functionality was a top priority, and the u-shaped layout providing a practical and efficient space, especially for a busy kitchen. The addition of a breakfast bar proved essential for socialising and meal preparation, while consolidating major appliances on a single wall freeing up valuable benchtop space. Now, one person can effortlessly cook, while another can make coffee or better still mixing up some cocktails.

The transformation of this 70’s family kitchen is a testament to clever design and respect for the home’s original character. The simplicity and timeless appeal of the new design ensures it’s longevity.

If your ageing kitchen is ready for a fresh start, don’t hesitate to contact a Kitchen Shack Designer today or book your free in-store design and quote. Your dream kitchen may be closer than you think.

If this kitchen renovation has inspired you why not check out the Dromana family to see what they created.


Location: Beaumaris, Melbourne

Reason for Renovating: Old 70’s kitchen desperately needing a revamp.

Before DIY Kitchen Renovation: Dated, old mission brown tiles, lack of storage and functionality.

After DIY Kitchen Renovation: Two tone cabinetry creating warmth. Now fully functional with pantry and loads of storage including breakfast bar to include family and guests.

Cabinets Kitchen: Platinum Inspire Black and Excel Urban Oak overheads.