Affordable Kitchen Features To Add Value

Affordable Kitchen Features To Add Value

Kitchen trends come and go so we understand wanting the latest trend but you need to consider whether you think it will still be in fashion a few years down the track!  A kitchen is a high involvement, costly item so do your research.

According to HIA in 2016 “What is the Cost of a Kitchen Renovation” you can expect to pay from $10,000 for small kitchens to $35,000 for larger kitchens.  Your kitchen should last at least for 10 years as long it is purchased from a reputable company who will guarantee for 10 years, so you want to get it right. Do it right and you could add an additional 8% to your property or investment value.

We know you will be very surprised with Kitchen Shack’s Lowest Prices Guarantee but it is important to remember the important features to retain the value of your home as well as providing lasting enjoyment for your family.

White, white and more white

Bottom line is you can never go wrong with white – everyone love’s it and is always the number one go to for popular kitchen colours.  It will not date and better yet you can add colour by popping in a splash of colour in coloured splashback, a simple vase or kitchen appliances, it’s easy.

White will also make any space feel larger; this especially applies to small kitchens.  In addition white kitchens can be catered for all budgets and tastes including appliances.

Wall colour then becomes an easy decision to also paint white or warm white to blend with the kitchen.

And finally a white kitchen will always look fresh and modern and appeal to larger audience should you ever decide to sell the family home.

Shaker Style Kitchens

The Shaker Style is a kitchen style that will ensure clean simple lines but will always be on trend.  Shaker cabinets can adapt to any type of home creating a traditional or even a contemporary look and will appeal to the average eye.  With the design of the external frame it keeps the kitchen looking simple yet sophisticated.

This sophistication is sought after for all buyers and has been on the top of the list for most popular kitchen style for a long time now.  This will not change anytime soon.




Subway tiles

Subway tiles are increasingly popular as seen in the above image and actually date back to 19th century showing this one trend will live forever.  They are timeless and classy with the white standing out in any kitchen. Subway tiles do come in other colours and patterns but neutrals will always be on trend.  Match these with a timber bench or even stone benchtops and you will always have a sure winner.

Stone Benchtops

Stone is durable, popular and timeless and has been for many years now.  Stone benchtops will look as good in the next century as it does in this one.  It matches with any style of kitchen especially white/antique white is quite affordable now with the popularity and the next generation will still love it.

If you are still unsure laminate alternatives are cheaper and if selected correctly can create the perfect addition for any home.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring especially against white is easy on the feet and creates a timeless mix at reasonable renovation prices depending on the timber chosen.

Timber flooring is the number one choice in kitchens.  It is durable with a 100 year lifespan, hardwearing and ages well to capitalise on the home’s value.  It creates the warmth and personality for your home whilst also being eco friendly.


The design of the kitchen is all about fitting as much storage in the kitchen space you have.  It is the number one key for any chef, easy access to all the cooking appliances, implements and plates for ease of movement.

There are unlimited storage options from shelves to deluxe pantries, lazy susans, spice racks, wine racks to name a few.  The kitchen is all about storage and designing smartly to capitalise on this.  The more storage the better utilised your kitchen.

Slide out pantry drawers are another popular storage feature.  Use them for your plates or grocery items even Tupperware, the list is endless.  Other options feature pull out top drawers for all your favourite knives and forks, wooden spoons and cooking utensils.

Hope this helps your decision making as well as adding value to your home!