4 Best Tips for DIY Kitchen Advice

4 Best Tips for DIY Kitchen Advice

So you’re thinking of a diy kitchen reno but need more advice?

If you have renovated before you will know the more legwork you can do, the more $s you will save.  Your time is also invaluable so the more you know and understand the more your labour costs can save you $1000’s.

To build on your knowledge we have come up with our 4 Best Tips for your DIY Kitchen to make your new diy kitchen build is a success.

1. Set clear goals on your diy kitchen reno
Is this diy kitchen build for a rental property or a forever home? Is the space for a small kitchen or a large family? Be clear on who will be using the kitchen and design accordingly.  Does the kitchen need to be completed within a certain time frame?  All these questions will set your timing and most importantly your diy budget kitchen renovation.  If for example, tenants need to move into a rental quickly, looking at a Melbourne based manufacturer or a diy fully assembled kitchen will provide the speed required to ensure the project is completed on time.


2. Always seek professional design
Although you have decided to complete the diy kitchen project yourself it is wise to have a professional design the kitchen to appropriate needs.  The design appointment should be free of charge and this will ensure the layout will work and assistance with choosing styles and finishes will be right for the project.

3. Choose quality and warranty
In your research you will discover not all flat pack kitchens look the same.  High quality materials is one area you do not want to compromise on.  This also includes the hinges, soft close drawer options and strong cabinetry to avoid marks or chips.Like you have insurance for your home, you also need to insure your DIY Kitchen project.  Remember to choose products that come with an 8 years or more warranty to provide peace of mind.


4. Qualified trades
There are elements of the kitchen installation that need to be completed by a qualified, certified tradesperson.  These include electrical, plumbing and gas to meet with Australian standards.  If you are in doubt about installation this is also a job that is more desirable for a qualified, professional kitchen installer.  These installers know the pitfalls and will ensure drawers slide smoothly and cupboards are in alignment.  It is an important decision in choosing the right tradies. Other jobs like tiling and painting are easy to complete yourself and will be the final perfect finish for your kitchen reno.

So if you are ready to start your DIY Kitchen project book a FREE kitchen appointment.