3 Tips for first time Kitchen DIY’ers

3 Tips for first time Kitchen DIY’ers

Renovating a Kitchen or another area of the home can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.

All the Reno Shows make renovating look easy right? But beware, it can be quite complicated. Take the kitchen for example where you have plumbing, electrical and flooring to contend with. So if you’re a first time Kitchen DIY’er here’s our top 3 Tips to consider.

Kitchen Planning

This is an area the first time Kitchen DIY’er can easily handle. Research your styles, save photographs of kitchens you like including flooring, lighting, colours and all components of your kitchen space. This will provide an easy way to create a thorough “look and feel” for your new kitchen.

After collecting these images study your kitchen space and identify if you can work around the existing area. Renovating in the same space can save considerable money. Using the existing plumbing and electrical will not only save time but much-needed resources.

Next measure your space and try out an online kitchen planner to create your new visualised kitchen space. It’s a fun way to design and create your dream DIY Kitchen Renovation.

Kitchen Keeps

Your first instinct may be to jump right in and demolish! Think about the environment and decide what can be kept, reused, or recycled. When pulling out your old kitchen cabinetry there may be some components you can recycle into your garage for storage for example. A popular idea is to sell off your kitchen on gumtree (if it’s not too ruined). There are people searching kitchen components for storage options just like their garage all over Melbourne. This will save you having to pay someone to remove your kitchen.

DIY vs Expert Advice

A DIY Kitchen can be the best way to keep renovation costs to a minimum. But it’s important to be selective on what you do as a Kitchen DIY’er and what you select others who have the experience to do.

Unless you are an experienced carpenter with the right set of tools required for installation then your costs could blow out with hiring the right tools and costly mistakes. We would always recommend legal plumbing and electrical work – it’s safer for you and the family. You could do the painting or tiling instead to save costs.

Should you feel confident to install your own DIY Kitchen consider assembled DIY Kitchens. Not only will it save time not having to screw together all components but if you shop around you can find fully assembled at the same price as flat pack kitchens.

No matter what option you choose if you’re unsure seek expert advice which will be invaluable for a well-designed space to suit your needs. Our experienced Kitchen Designers offer free in-store kitchen designs where you can work with them to design the space of your dreams.