10 ways to maximise your small kitchen

10 ways to maximise your small kitchen

Small kitchens can be a design challenge especially when everyone wants lots of storage and the latest styles. Here are a few tips to consider so you can capitalise on your small kitchen space.

 1. Choose light coloured kitchen cabinets

Dark colours can close in your kitchen space creating the illusion of a small kitchen. The lighter colour drawers and cupboards will not only open up the small kitchen making the space appear bigger but look fresh and inviting.

2. Benchtops

Similar story with benchtops, the lighter the better. White stone benchtops such as Duropal Snow White will feel larger than the bench actually is. A shinier gloss benchtop will further enhance reflection of light bouncing back into your kitchen.

3. Appliances

The shinier the better! Consider stainless steel or white to incorporate into the colour theme. White on white has been a long time favourite in kitchens and this trend will always last the test of time.

4. Lighting

So many choices for lighting these days – pendant lighting over island benches, spotlights or under bench lighting. Pendant lighting will usually break the flow so consider other alternatives. Basically the brighter the lights the more open the kitchen will feel. Be careful to choose warm lighting to create the inviting space of the kitchen.

5. Utilise Windows and Glass

If you are lucky to have a window in your kitchen space utilise it to the maximum. Keeping the blinds up and windows clean will allow for natural light to flood in and provide additional space. Another simple way is to add glass through overhead glass cabinets. This allows the eye to travel through objects and provide the spaciousness of a small kitchen. Reflective glass tiles can also create this look.





6. Splashback

Consider a mirror splashback. This will add the illusion of never ending reflections creating a visually much larger open space. This is also an added bonus of one less colour choice to be made. White tiles will allow a brighter space also.

7. Flooring

Lighter colour timber flooring such as oak or some of the honey coloured timbers can make the space appear open. Alternatively, you could choose a dark timber flooring with white kitchen and appliances that can create a defined style and the kitchen will pop out feeling larger.

8. Declutter your kitchen

Remove all the clutter from the kitchen, put them away. In a small space everyone notices the clutter on the benchtops and dirty dishes in the sink so keep these areas clear and minimalistic. When purchasing new appliances consider smaller less wide appliances especially if they are going to be stored on the benchtops.

9. Bright walls

Painting the walls a white or brighter colour can work well in a small kitchen. This will create a bright fresh space but remember when choosing the white colour such as a stark white will make the kitchen feel cold. Soft hues with a warm base such as cream or ivory will double as opening up the space as well as creating an inviting kitchen for all to enjoy.

10. Open up your space

Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or building a new home, an open plan kitchen onto a living or dining area will always appear to look larger.  Consider removing a wall in an existing kitchen (ensure you consult an building expert to make sure it is not a load bearing wall), or designing from scratch an open plan so the design will open up not just the kitchen space but the whole home.

So many ways you can create a visually beautiful designed flat pack small kitchen no matter what the size!