diy kitchen faqsWe find diy kitchen customers have questions so we have come up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and answers that may provide invaluable diy kitchen advice.

Do you do Kitchen Facelifts?

At Kitchen Shack we have discovered over the years that kitchen facelifts can go wrong.  For example when you use a new door on an old carcase the door will not fit flush and there will then be problems with door opening and closing.  Of course this is just one example, there are many.  We find that customers begin thinking this way but once they receive a design and quote for a complete new kitchen from Kitchen Shack it is affordable for their budget, we pride ourselves on Lowest Prices Guaranteed*.

Do you sell custom made kitchens?

We have the ability to make modifications on cabinets and benchtops to suit any kitchen space.  We also offer special colours on request and our range is fully assembled to suit 99% of kitchen spaces.


Can I order one cabinet?

We sell complete diy kitchens and do not sell single cabinets, we find it is just too costly for our manufacturing.  Our manufacturing has been cleverly designed with state of the art technology and is set up to make complete kitchens.


Do you provide wood benchtops?

We have some wonderful laminate reproductions which look sensational.  We find the majority of our customers prefer stone benchtops due to the high moisture area in the kitchen and the durable drip free benchtops we offer. We work in conjunction with our benchtop suppliers to complete your kitchen and do not supply benchtops only.


Do you come to the home to design my kitchen?

At Kitchen Shack we pride ourselves on saving the diy customer money.  A great way to do this is to design and quote in store only.  This means a basic plan with measurements is all that is required so we can provide a state of the art design using your measurements.  We provide a check measure when you buy from Kitchen Shack so you can be rest assured the kitchen will fit into your desired space.


How long does it take to finish my kitchen project?

From final confirmation and order it takes around 3 weeks for 90% of our product range.  Some special orders may take 5-6 weeks.  We can make and deliver the kitchen quickly because our Manufacturing is based in Melbourne and does not have to come from interstate.


Do you install kitchens?

Kitchen Shack will design, quote and supply your kitchen or laundry.  We then provide you with approved installers and trades who will install your kitchen. Our approved trades have worked with our company for many, many years and that’s why we recommend them.


Can I install the kitchen myself?

Of course you can but we find 98% of our customers prefer to leave it to the professionals who will install much quicker and cause less disruption to the home. It is important to remember a kitchen or laundry renovation can cause lots of stress so our customers prefer professionals to install.  Should you choose to install Kitchen Shack will provide an Installation Guide and a video for you to watch to ensure you install the kitchen correctly.

What do I do to start my Kitchen Renovation?

First we would suggest you Download the Design Guide which is an excellent source of information.  This Guide provides step by step information including a checklist that is perfect for explaining how to measure your kitchen space including window, fridge, appliance spaces etc.  All that is required is a rough drawing so the Designer can design your kitchen or laundry to your needs and provide an on the spot quote.  Of course we can always arrange a check measure following your order.  Bookings are essential because our kitchen showrooms are busy and we don’t want you sitting around if we are designing someone else’s kitchen. You can book a design online or telephone the kitchen showroom closest to you.