DIY my kitchen or not DIY?

DIY my kitchen or not DIY?


This is the most common question asked at Kitchen Shack.  The answer is simple do you want the best price kitchen that is of the highest quality then diy will save you $’s but there are other ways to save you time and money.

Kitchen Shack kitchens are priced like flat pack cabinets however the huge difference is that all our cabinets come fully assembled saving you loads of time.  This means you won’t need an allen key to do those frustrating components saving loads and loads of time.

To save more time why not use one of our experienced accredited installers that we can recommend who have installed hundreds of kitchens so will be quick meaning you can eat in your kitchen quicker causing minimal disruption to family life.  To save dollars why not do the painting or flooring as this will all be part of your diy kitchen renovation.

So think hard about your decisions and then come in for a visit to view all our flat pack kitchens fully assembled in the showroom.

Don’t forget we provide free in store designs so contact the nearest showroom for the start your diy kitchen renovation.